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Clash of Clans – TH8 Defence Base (Town Hall 8 Trophy Base) The Bagua 2016 + Replays

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  1. can you make a th7 farming base I would love to try one!

  2. nice base i got attacked twice and both were 1 star and barly any loot was taken my offer was about 200k of each and they only took 100k elix

  3. nice base
    please visit my channel 🙂 Thanks

  4. Looking for a TH8 base to protect DE can you help? You were recommended!

  5. plz make th9 trophy base..plz plz plz

  6. pls th 6 base !!!!

  7. Con you make a very good th8 trophy base for master 3/2 please? It's very difficult stay in that league

  8. i need th8 war base

  9. Can you Build a Th 8 Hybrid Base , which Protests Dark eloxier and Gold , elixier isn't important for me

  10. Looking for some good members! Search FoxtrotUniform

  11. I think the new dark troop will be warden? I guess?

  12. Town hall 7 please

  13. Это КВ база или что??

  14. Jack Sparrow can u make a de protection base plz. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  15. Best doc youtuber out there can u please do a face reveal rhanks

  16. Th8.5 wid walls, storages n AQ plz?

  17. I won't war

  18. keep it up u r awsome

  19. Will there be a Th10 Base soon ?

  20. please please , the last video TH8.75 base hybird
    ( without x-bow )

  21. thanks

  22. whats up guys take a look at my Channel some th8/th9 atks for 3 stars

  23. great vid! keep these base builds with replays coming out, they are always well worth watching and i really enjoy them

  24. bagua is chinese ?

  25. Th9 plzz

  26. Nice base

  27. cood

  28. Note:
    1. If you got attack by TH9 or TH8 using war combo, you maybe lost 2 star
    2. This base protect mainly your TH, and also some resources. You won't lost many trophies if you use this base because they rarely 2 star (its suitable for people being staying at high cups)
    3. This acc is my friend's acc, not mine. So please dont go to that clan to find me. See my clan at the videp's description

  29. Nice

  30. Good video