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Clash of Clans | TH8 Master League Trophy Base | Town Hall 8 Trophy Base Defense Replay [2016]

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  1. Keep Making More Th9 Bases Because They Are Good! Very Well

  2. Nice Work Jaso #General Tony

  3. This base isnt great got 3 starred every time since Tuesday

  4. bro can you make me th8 base.which protect loot……i hope you will make it

  5. Th7 Trophy base?

  6. thx for letting me in

  7. Nice video! I really liked it! If u have time can u check my channel out too? I do clash of clans videos too! Thanks!

  8. man you have only th 8 bases??im th 9 full and i need a good war base can u make one???

  9. Surprised how well this base does considering how easy it looks to destroy

  10. you don't have alot of subs and views cause you don't talk on your videos man.

  11. I'm not kidding, I've only beat once, and it was against a th10. Any th 7,8, or 9 who attacked me hasn't gotten past 45%. Thanks to this base, I have gained 300 trophies. Way to go for this base man

  12. nice base butttttt you're not in master league D:


  14. do you think this can be made into a de specific defence base if so how?

  15. Keep it up, but now I'm gonna have to request more th9 videos haha. 10 day upgrade till th9! I maxed out my th8! Nice video m8

  16. Nice base again, your bases helped me a lot

  17. Been using this base since you made it, and it has been working so well! Liked ;)

  18. Jaso really good base…they never have tristelled me…LIKE <3

  19. I like this base but like am not max I think this base don't work not trying to be mean lol but I will try it when am max

  20. Hi

  21. Think It's Cause U Have String Troops And Maxed Out Th8.Strong*

  22. Sorry For Begging?

  23. that base doesn't work day 2 star me all the time. And I am a max th8

  24. U Have 21 Likes Now :O

  25. #KingsDrop whats your real name is it Jaso or is that a name i dont know Estonian names or is Jaso a nickname

  26. #KingDrop

  27. kan er niks aan doen

  28. nice bro

  29. bij mij werkt die base niet

  30. First To Like:D

  31. Abone olana abone olurum like atmayı unutmayın ☺

  32. hello Jaso

  33. nice

  34. 0:24 #KingsDrop C:

  35. second

  36. first