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Clash Of Clans – TH8 TROLL MAZE BASE!!! (Valks,Giants & Pekkas)

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  1. you are awsome at clash of clan and do you have a golem of god

  2. godson do clogs on your channel

  3. whats the outro music?

  4. Oh.. didn't realise COC was still a thing. My bad ?

  5. He copied GT

  6. Bank better coalition gdpugh mm-hmm remind many

  7. i love ur vids make More vids :3

  8. Jet salmon blame death speed occasion.

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  10. godson found you account u got raided

  11. What happened to ur intros?

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  14. God son i am Gost plizz accept me in your clan i am ur subscriber

  15. I think you should get into console gaming, maybe call of duty?

  16. the last legendery for clash royal is donald trump and coc

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  19. imagine sparky in coc

  20. I hear that mini hogriders and mega pekka are coming to clash of clans

  21. which software u use for editing, I love your editing

  22. nice video godson

  23. dead yt channel OOMG IS DEAD tony is the best

  24. Nice attack by townhall 8 guy

  25. someone can tell me for what he don t upgrade his defense

  26. godson what is the music when you make your base design?

  27. Godson habla español

  28. Damn this channels dead af

  29. eu Sou Do Brasil Brasilia DF Bota Traducoes Em Portugues Pra Mim Entender O Q Voce Fala Thank's

  30. do thise withe agolime plese???

  31. Your funny as hell

  32. Good Job God son

  33. Your Awsome

  34. The snake

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  43. Past video's thumbnail location spotted ?

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