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Clash of Clans TH8 vs TH11 Clan War Attacks

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  1. I like watching your videos. They are so helpful and your voice is so sweet. And your accent is very good. Nice video!

  2. Hey Heather! I'm a relatively new YouTuber if You can message me I have some questions! It would only take a Couple minutes! if you can great!

  3. Clash your strategies have been helping me 3 star th 9 I thank you for that

  4. good to see you back on … thanks for the video…. It seems that our clan has been getting some cruddy match-up also …anyway Clash On!

  5. Should I do boho with 1 or 2 golems? Th8

  6. Nice

  7. Good Dragon hit Heather

  8. the first attack was amazing heather! keep up the great work!

  9. Heather thanks for the AWESOME videos! For example before I started watching your videos I just put dragons in one single spot and I always got a 1 star but then I started watching your videos and I got SO MUCH BETTER at attacking and it's amazing the tutorials that you make not only the tutorials the videos that you make. Thanks for doing such amazing things. Mini_724 from Golden Gators

  10. heather can you make some clash royale vids i know your a clash of clans youtuber but i would atleast like a royale vid once a while

  11. More clash Royale soon please!

  12. Black Badgers FTW ^_^

  13. Hellooooo

    P.S.= From Bearcats #BB4L

  14. its all good ,love your bids. can you do face reveal at 100k

  15. Oh cmon make some th9 tutorials show a burrito some strats.

  16. Violet Vipers!!!!!!!


  17. More th7 Vids plz heather btw ur awesome!

  18. can I join your clan

  19. you sound hot ?

  20. Lol, poor sick tidus

  21. another AMAZING video by the best youtuber out there. so many of my clan mates have said your videos have been so helpful. thanks about and keep it up Heather.

  22. war is not good for my clan

  23. btw your videos are AWESOME!!! I only recently joined C.O.C. in August and wasn't very good at it but thanks to you and your videos I've gotten better, every one in my clan has told me I've come a long way from when I first started!! I of course refer any new members to subscribe to your channel ? ? Thnx.

  24. Will you make a video on the kingdom th8 war

  25. I can't three star in war anymore, I don't have golems so I use 4 lvl2 pekkas 23 lvl5 wizards and 4 wallbrkrs with 2 heal spells nd 1 rage Idk. What I've been doing wrong but I can't seem to three star at all.

  26. first comment ?
    cheers Heather keep it up ?
    I recently 4-Golem gowiped a mid th10 and got 54% 2* as a th8. Was very happy ?

  27. Oh hey from olympus (;


  29. Nice attacks

  30. How could you forget the last AD? Just use 1 wizard on it.

  31. freindy channel

  32. Hello. From Orange Otters <3

  33. Do you not get paid for YouTube?

  34. 5th

  35. First

  36. ابلع لايك ❤️