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Clash of Clans | TH8 War Base Replays | CoC TH8 Base Defense Strategy [Town Hall 8 Base 2016]

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  1. My first war with this base and it went down in the first attack

  2. Where is the base build :(

  3. this base is amazing, just finished a war, I was #5, I got attacked 3 times by #3, #4 and #6 and they scored only 2 stars, awesome !! Thanks for the perfect design !!

  4. Those were noob attacks

  5. i am french ans i like vidéo
    salut de la France !!

  6. Hey Jay .. We want distinctive design for the Town Hall 10 attack and how and resources in the fight for the Town Hall and the 10 best army after the update … Thank you ..

  7. plzz can u give me a good th8.75 base… (no xbow)

  8. This base really works All the time in war they have to send a th9 to 3 star me

  9. please build a new th10 war base or farming base.thanks

  10. town hall seven plz you rock awsome base

  11. BIG Middle Finger Salute to those poor lame attackers…..its 2016 and people still use gowipe…. so pity

  12. I like it, thanks you, Jaso :))

  13. ?

  14. #Th8War

  15. Good base but I just don't like the townhall so expose especially when you're in a clan that's crystal 1 and above wars aren't that easy

  16. th 7 anti 3 star

  17. Love the intro

  18. th3 plz

  19. #TH8War

  20. #th8war

  21. Jaso Thanks So Much This Base helped me a ton 🙂 Your the best I hope you still remember me when you Become Big Xd