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Clash Of Clans – Th9 [3 Star] Attack Strategy Giant + Healer And Hog New Update 2016

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  1. We welcome you to watch video Attack Strategy Our Clash of clans. Each week we are producing the best video facility to serve you. We always want you to contribute ideas and feedback from you via the comments to see our video. To see the video of our innovative weekly subscription channels you subscribe

  2. Rất tốt ! Tấn công 3 sao rất tuyệt vời ! :)

  3. You have a very good idea when applied squad attacks. I think it would be very good attacking enemies to get 3 stars.

  4. I like your attack. very novel and attractive

  5. What do you think about this attack squad? I shall leave that it will protect the King and Queen are not damaged and will have the best effect when attacked 3 stars. Thank you for letting me see this new video attacking.

  6. 私は本当にスタイルの攻撃の巨人+あなたのヒーラーが好き。私は戦争が続く一族のためにそれをテストします。ありがとうございました!

  7. Thật lợi hại với đội hình giant + Healer và heo tấn công th9 . Nếu biết đánh đội hình này thì không lo nữa rồi .

  8. Hay rất hay ! Tôi thích kiểu tấn công này

  9. Oh! Very great the first time I was watching giant + Healer and hog base attack th9 achieved 3 stars. I think this is the best video I've ever seen.

  10. Một đội hình giant + Healer + Hog rất hay . Tôi sẽ học hỏi bạn cách đánh đội hình này . lần đầu tiên thấy đội hình như vậy . cảm ơn video cùa bạn rất nhiều !