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  1. Ash, I've watched your channel for a while and tried gohowi for a month or so but have been having a lot of trouble with them, my heros are both lvl 12 and all my troops are max except for golems which are lvl 3, I've been working on getting the queen and any double giant bombs, I'm often paired up against non anti 3 bases but what happens is when I place my hogs I don't have enough heals to get through so many very compact compartments, every video I've seen you do is against very spread out bases, ik those are the best anti 3 but I still manage 1-0 stars on all these compact bases even without double giant bomb possibilities. If you could do one video on not such high quality bases that would be helpful

  2. the best bro

  3. Very nice

  4. Aq walk govaho

  5. Great vid can you do some golaloon 3 star expert interview? Plz

  6. LOL I think it was a bad attack lucky for max heros, droping three heal spells in one spot was a waste

  7. Hogs or Loons, which is your favorite?! :D

  8. Galadon

  9. try barch… lol

  10. Love the content ?

  11. Ashlain ?

  12. 2nd

  13. Let me know what type of 3 Star Expert you would like to see next!