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Clash Of Clans: TH9 3 Star War Attacks – GoVaLo 2015 [w/ bestpal56’s commentating]

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  1. so many ums

  2. this guy that's talking is a faggot

  3. Amazing video loved it ❤️??

  4. Nice attack, just found your channel subbed keep up the good work mate!

  5. Lol best commentation

  6. Also spells are 2 rage, 1 heal and 1 poison

  7. Are you going to upload about my GoVaWiBs for TownHall 8? (2 Golems, 8 Valkyries, 17 Wizards, and 4 Wallbreakers). I use it all the time and post replays about it, it works amazingly!! Please show pliz!!

  8. Sup

  9. I loved your voice and May our attacks shall improve your attacks too if you persevere;)

  10. I am Superjombombo in that game and I am honored to be in your video:D

  11. I'MMA DESTROY YOU BESTPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. So who is Leana for real?

  13. lol nice

  14. wow I was expecting clear to talk

  15. Second b*tches, should I do more commentating for SchoolOfClash?

  16. first