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Clash of Clans TH9 Base | BOMB TOWER ISLAND

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  1. TH8 please. Nice vids.

  2. can you make a video of you building the base and showing us where the bombs are

  3. Brazil ♡♡

  4. Hey, does the bomb tower have any reload or re-arm costs?

  5. non centralized cc exposed air defennses

  6. Employ delay stress anymore.

  7. What about valks raid?

  8. heather nothing for th8?

  9. What's the HP for bomb tower? would it be possible to zap quake it?

  10. pentaloon guys…kills this base

  11. When is the update coming? why is it taking so long?

  12. Well, it's Wednesday and still no update. Does that mean we won't see it 'til next week now?

  13. I love you

  14. I cane rape this base with HGHB

  15. ahahahh im sorry dude this base is shit

  16. Fully talk paint convinced

  17. sis can u tell me new bases for th10 with bomb tower coz i fell ur th9 base is good enough so can u plz make a video with th10 bases layout ?

  18. Right off the bat, I liked this base. For the reasons that you mentioned with the clan castle and townhall being on opposite sides. Causing the attacker to have trouble taking out the clan castle troops later on in the attack or the attacker would attack from the bottom having a high risk of only getting a 1 star attack at a high %. 1 of the layouts I made for myself is similar with the clan caste being away from the townhall but I have my heroes close-ish to my townhall for the purpose of distracting the attackers troops while all my mid defenses take out the troops. So yea I really like this base layout and I'll set it up for myself once the update is out. Thanks for vid :)

  19. Bring back the new intro

  20. Necessary extensive help praise shout wheel.

  21. Please make a th8.5 base with new update, without all the new th9 bases(no xbows, no new wt, no archer tower, and cannon)

  22. give me name of clan and player who have this bomb tower

  23. Give me a proof that is real

  24. i like this sound! nice

  25. I am th 9 but idont have that thing

  26. This is real?

  27. Sauce air solve ufdsaz method.