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Clash Of Clans: TH9 Best TROPHY WAR BASE (Town Hall 9 WAR TROPHY Base 2016) – Scarce + Replays

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  1. Good Base.Keep It Up

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  4. Dose it matter a lot that my defences are lower level I know I will not get the same result

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  6. Incredible salmon rebuild proud

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  9. how do you keep on thinking of great unique designs?

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  11. me want to be first T_T

  12. nice vid man

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  14. Table Of Contents:
    0:00 Intro (Creds to CoC202)
    0:10 Base Build
    2:42 The Base
    2:57 Replays!
    7:53 Outro (Creds to CoC202)

    About This Base:
    Air Sweeper (Upper): Blowing West
    Air Sweeper (Lower): Blowing East
    Skeleton Traps: Both set to Ground Mode
    Xbows: Both Set to Ground Mode

    Features of this base.
    -Hard to Lure the clan castle for DE raiders
    -Troops tend to go AROUND THE BASE
    -Teslas and Giant Bomb Combo near Town Hall (for valks&hogs)
    -Quad Air Defense
    -Quad Wizard Tower
    -Limited amount of T-Junction walls
    -Strudy against Lvl 5+ Giants
    -Sturdy against BARCH
    -Sturdy against BAM
    -Traps used really effectively
    -Mortar and Wizard Towers are spread out efficiently.
    -Symmetrical For Valk Attackers
    -Anit Wall Breaking compartments (mini-bombs)

    TH9 Bases by Me

    YouTube 2nd:


  15. Any base with an easily accessible de storage works

  16. am i first?