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Clash of Clans- TH9 BEST War Base Anti 3 Star

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  1. Oh. I 3★ this base in the last war. I didnt know that he copied it from here.

  2. Song?!

  3. +1 Like and share from me.The video is very good.
    Great quality and content, keep up the good work.
    Check my channel if you have time

  4. check out my video

  5. nice video!

  6. thanks for 3.6k subs guys!!

  7. let's get 25 likes!

  8. Sooo close to 3600 subs!!! 3599 at the moment. Congrats on getting this far James!

  9. The thumb deel isn't good with the base

  10. please do a th8 trolling base! ? it would be awesome

  11. First base I'll use when I'm TH 9!
    Gotta get them walls done.

  12. Can u make a town hall 10 anti war base without inferno and xbow (call me a rusher)

  13. Nice Base

  14. Awesome base! I'll have to try it sometime! :D

  15. I'm using this. Could you make a th8 war base? :D

  16. hey, got a sub, nice video

  17. can you do a the 8.5 farm base?

  18. Noice im early!

  19. leave a comment if you would like for me to do a specific base design!