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Clash of clans – TH9 Defense/Hybrid Base [The Bagua] 2016

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  1. My th9 base is maxed and I have all level 9 walls and next I'm doing heroes and level 10 walls then after 20 years I'll upgrade to th10 like you lol

  2. I was so excited to try out the base but its been the worse thing i could have done. Ive lost 79 trophies in masters league. My base is almost maxed but 3 archer towers.

  3. Nice base bro, built it this morning after seeing your post and I have already won 5 defenses in crystal. My second account will be th8 in 3 more days and I will be watching out for a nice design. Keep up the good work man.

  4. all the attackers are fucked up by this insane base lol 🙂 awesome job buddy

  5. ok thx broo
    help hybrid war base th 8 anti 3 star thank's

  6. I had this base already i copied it from u :Dd

  7. Thx

  8. The Bagua? What's next, the toaster?

  9. Nice.

  10. Going to TH10 man. Nice work!

  11. in the replays you change the elixir place why

  12. please

  13. please TH8

  14. continui assim seus layot sao foda?????

  15. TAON 8

  16. you deserve more subs

  17. WoW what a great base !!

  18. can Vedeo TH8

  19. ike this design because you had seen before …. mmmm

  20. Nice. Good luck with th 10

  21. ?????

  22. 1. Next video is TH8 war base
    2. This base is not de farming
    3. If you have good base design, just send it to me via gmail or facebook, ill credit you in my video

  23. Can u do an th8 farming base!!!

  24. cool base bro;)

  25. Cant loot de to upgrade heros… What should i do

  26. 3rd to comment

  27. pls make a TH 7 "bagua" base! thx