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Clash Of Clans: TH9 Farming Base – Cyber Shield + A Replay 2016

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  1. love the song <3 plus I'm currently using it for my 5th vid

  2. wow

  3. Make some more trash royale video plis

  4. Does anyone else wonder where he gets his base designs ?

  5. My internet is laggy T_T

  6. x bows and heroes are too far away from th and de storage but looks good

  7. Table Of Contents:
    0:10 Base Build
    2:45 The Base
    2:48 The Replays

    About This Base:
    Air Sweeper: Both Blowing North
    Skeleton Traps: Both Set to Ground Mode
    XBows: Both Set to Ground Mode

    Features Of This Base:
    -All Hidden Teslas in the core
    -Air Sweepers helping out Air Defense
    -Spring Traps well placed
    -Giant Bombs in places for Valkyrie, Witch, Wizard
    -Splash Defenses protects Storages

  8. Just found ur channel u r gr8?