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Clash Of Clans: TH9 FARMING BASE (Town Hall 9 EQUAL LOOT PROTECTION Base 2016) – Vanoss + Replays

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  1. Nice??

  2. Table Of Contents:
    0:10 Base Build
    2:34 The Base
    2:43 Replays!
    8:18 Huge Thanks!
    9:34 New Outro (Plz Rate)

    About This Base:
    Air Sweepers: Both blowing upward.
    Skeleton Traps: Both on Ground Mode
    Xbows: Both on Ground Mode

    Features Of This Base
    -EXTREME BALANCED protection on LOOT
    -Teslas and Spring Traps Combo
    -Point Defenses securing loot
    -Skeleton Traps and Heroes detract killer troops (Valks & Wiz)
    -Xbows ranging outside for difficult Funnel
    -Splash Defenses covering up Resources

  3. Nice video I will definitely consider using this base if my current one starts to fail me :)

  4. I watched his live stream

  5. I watched him make that intro

  6. first comment

  7. nice job anyways

  8. ;*(