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  1. Great tutorial Ash, We appreciate it!

  2. What is a dragon flower base plan?

  3. Thanks Ash that's way better than my full out hogs and wiz, like the golem addin

  4. thanks ash, very helpful!

  5. Hey ash I'm almost max th9 lvl 8 walls with about 40 lvl 9 walls queen going to lvl 14 King lvl 10 max GoHo troops and I'm very good at GoHo. Which of your family of clans is the best one I would be eligible to join?

  6. Fantastic guide, Ash! I'm already in this "realm" of Hero levels right now (with a level 10 King and a level 12 Queen), and knowing when to use Shattered vs. Stoned was something I was curious about. I think this guide not only cleared this up, but also went a bit further and explained how hitting different bases (possibly from different sides [i.e. queen side vs. opposite side]) can affect the troop AND spell composition as well! Very helpful!

    Looking forward to more great content from you! =)

  7. Great as ever Ash, shared with my clan, we tend to take a bit more fire power with the kill squad to clear out a bit more and just use back end hogs for our th9 guys and it works quite well. Definitely going to have our guys try out a few more goho attacks as they all worked great!

  8. Hey Ash, as always awesome video!

    What about when i use 2 Golems but i´m high at the same time?
    Would you still call it the "Shattered" variation altough i´m stoned?

  9. Great video!

  10. Can you please do a farming start for low level TH9s? (Like actual low levels, like example lv10 King lv6 queen)

  11. hey ash , i think that you are one of the best Utubers in the clash cumminty, you deserve more subscribers than you have right now.

  12. by any chance………………………………………………. CAN YOU DO BARCH

  13. Alan Rickman <3 <3 <3