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Clash Of Clans TH9 Hybrid Base – BEST HYBRID 2016!

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  1. Can you please do a Townhall 8 hybrid base I really need it´╗┐

  2. Remeber me Iwg lol from kik´╗┐

  3. Can u please make a th8 trophy pushing´╗┐

  4. th7 plizzzz´╗┐

  5. #end´╗┐

  6. #End I love your vids IWG! Even though I'm a TH7 I watch ALL your videos. From TH1 to 11´╗┐

  7. th9.5 pleaseeeeeeeeee´╗┐

  8. hmm´╗┐

  9. could u do town hall lvl 5 plz I can't find any good ones if u do thx´╗┐

  10. can you make th7 no king trophie base´╗┐

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  15. can you make a tropie th8 base plz it will help mr´╗┐

  16. And do u do all this video editing and stuff with ur phone or do u have a computer´╗┐

  17. Hey IWG can u make a vid on a th 6 base please with replays or any if possible thanks´╗┐

  18. plz make town hall 7´╗┐

  19. Rilly need farming and defend base plz´╗┐

  20. nice´╗┐

  21. please give me darling village clash of clans house 9 please´╗┐

  22. sup´╗┐

  23. Do Th7 trophy base :)´╗┐

  24. please th6 war base really need´╗┐

  25. Cool +IWG´╗┐

  26. Nice vid´╗┐

  27. great´╗┐