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Clash Of Clans :: Th9 MASS VALK Strategy “THE SMITH METHOD”

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  1. So this strat was against shit CC troops and bases…guarantee, there was more fails than success

  2. Am I still a th9.5? coz I bought my two new point defenses which is the archer tower and cannon. And still no xbow and inferno towers. I hope someone will answer…

  3. If you guys could check out my war recaps, that would be awesome….Pandorian Warg vs Extra Ordinary

  4. I just watched the stream of the arranged war with North Remembers and Onehive, Thank you for setting that up. I just dropping in to give you a like and say you made my day with that setting up that tourney.

  5. Wow elite academy lost against a Lvl 1 clan? Damn. Nice vid as usual Ash!

  6. Hey ash, can I get some miners??

  7. please do th8 bases in another video so you explain them better with replays

  8. Good video Ash.

  9. Great vid Ash! We missed seeing you at the recent Finland event. At least Powerbang got to go and rep the war community a bit.

  10. Go too strategies that work on every base = OP troops. Quit soaking in the sun and fix this SC!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nice video

  12. Does this stratagy work better than govaho?

  13. He should have more sub's

  14. Max valks with low level heroes guide please!

  15. Its not a TH9 attack is it? Using miners????!!!! I quit watching within first min. Im done with all these bowlers and miners bullshit. They TH10 btw in case u want to change your title!!!

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  17. Th10 pls??

  18. nice?????

  19. ash i truly like this strategy very much….i will give it a try in this war. :D

  20. thanks for making th 9 attacks i really love ur videos

  21. Hi Ash, I love the content and your attitude to COC, you're always positive and cater to both experienced and new players to a TH level. With all of the changes to TH9 and new attack strategies, is it time to look at base scouting again? I'd love to see a video on how to scout at TH9 and choose the best attack strategy. Valk, HGHB and now even HPHB, dragon or loons or even both. So many strategies to keep TH9 interesting while grinding out those hero levels. Keep up the good work