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  1. i use this troops combo gohowi, go(ho)wiwi and gohowiva with earth spell..

  2. thanks ! good video

  3. I did a very similar precision GOHOWI over in Clan Paradox before watching this, very nice attack.

  4. am i missing something here why is Ash calling it a Gohowi? ! isn't the wi witches, i am so lost now coz just thought that was a stoned Goho

  5. Thanks for not making this video about Trash Royale.

  6. Nice guide Ash, as usual! But I have a question/problem: how to deal with skeleton traps? Since we use two positions on CC troops… Should I just use one poison on CC troops and the golem/wizzards/queen dudes try to the rest of dirt work and use the second poision on skeletons somehow? Just now I tried a GOHOWI.. the skeletons fu*ed me up hard…

  7. Always thought the "Wi" was for witches. Wizards are always part of a kill squad.

  8. hey it would be really cool if you did one of these with a GoVaHo

  9. Even though I'm only a new TH 8, thanks for the vifs

  10. Great attack and great video Ash. Keep up the great work

  11. Seeing Gohowi gets me so excited, it really is my favorite strategy, great video, Ash, i like the way youre explaining the ongoing attack.

  12. I've been doing this for 2 wars but I use the earthquakes to open up an x bow, the queen, king, and maybe a double bomb

  13. I am sure you have discussed this before, but I can't find where. When going from th8 to 8.5, what is the priority when spending DE?


  15. Awesome as always, gonna have to try this out in next war I'm in, and probably fail miserably, lol

  16. Morph FTW!

  17. Nice vid

  18. You should do a war with barbarian party. clash with cam's clan. Both of you guys seem evenly matched with awesome video contents.

  19. I needa upgrade my hogs then.

  20. thx