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Clash Of Clans: TH9 REMASTERED Southern Teaser Trophy Push Base + Replays

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  1. Tell me how you got 1080p60


  3. are the base is good in champion 2 ??? or not Tell me please:)

  4. can you make a th8 version of this base? looks really nice ?

  5. True bad attacks but nice video, your intros are awesome lol

  6. I like your videos but I mean REALLY!!! you were showing lame attackers that looked like they didn't even know what they were doing

  7. 60fps??? Since when??? Nice!!

  8. Table Of Contents:
    0:00 Introduction
    1:27 Replays
    9:50 Bye Bye ^.^

    About The Base:
    Air Sweeper (Left): Blowing North-East
    Air Sweeper (Right): Blowing North-West
    Skeleton Traps: Both set to Ground Mode
    Xbows: Both set to Ground Mode (Highly Recommend)

    Features Of This Base:
    •Hidden Teslas can really pack a punch on Heroes and Pekkas.
    •xBows can really act as a tanker and take out tier one troops.
    •Archer Towers are nicely spread out if the attacker decides to attack from the outside.
    •Storages at the bottom will tank up troops like wizards and witches while giant bombs explodes.
    •Spring Traps are really WELL placed for giants to be flung off the base.
    •Lot's of walls in the Northern of the base, making the attacker feel that it isn't worth attacking from the top .
    •Clan Castle is really hard to lure out if the attacker goes full out at the bottom.
    •Heroes distract the attacker's Heroes so then the Teslas will destroy them.
    •Air Sweeper facing North causing Lava Loonians not to think about attacking directly at North .
    •Fake 2×2 at the top of the base causing the attackers to think that teslas are on the Northern Area. So that may convince them to attack the South xD.
    •Really good at defending at GoWiPe and GoWiWi if the giant bombs destroys Witches or Wizards.
    •Really good at defending against Hog Rider attacks.
    •If you lose while using the base it is generally going to be a 1 star (I guess you guys can call this base anti 2/3).

    If you would like to have your base built the community will check over it and we will feature the base as well as you YouTube, Twitter, Facebook e.t.c. Just simply submit by E-mail.

    E-mail: [email protected] (—– Submit your base ONLY ONCE PER MONTH!

    Can I be apart of any of your videos? – Yes!
    -Continue to play Clash Of Clans and join the clan SchoolOfClash to share some replays (Clan Tag – #8VQ8998)
    -Show support on SchoolOfClash (Rate, Comment, Subscribe)
    -Submit your base by E-mail: [email protected] (Leave any of your social media links)
    -Become a Youtuber yourself and we can promote each other on our videos!

    What is your Clan?
    My Clan: SchoolOfClash (tag) #8VQ8998 (REQUIREMENTS)
    -Must be a TH7 – TH9 player with a good base for your Town Hall
    -Must participate in war (Or switch your mode to I'm out in clan wars)
    -When doing war you must 3 Star War attacks (Goho or GoLaLoon etc.)
    -(optional) Share some replays for YouTube!

    What do you use to record?
    -Display Recorder (most of the time)
    -xMirage (sometimes)

    Music #1: Goblins From Mars – Lucid

    Music #2: Goblins From Mars – Time Bomb

    Music #3: Goblins From Mars – Fishes

    Stalk Goblins From Mars:

    Outro Maker: ScoopArtz

  9. second
    nice video man

  10. first