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Clash Of Clans | TH9 & TH10 vs. TH11 “Attacking Up” [DAVID VS GOLIATH]

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  1. Impressive stuff that i hve been waiting for long time, thnx ash☺️

  2. goodjob intro!!!

  3. New intro is sick :D

  4. Ooh that intro is getting better ash, nice video man :)

  5. hey ash..big fan of urs…starting a new clash channel…will love it if u check my videos and subscribe ?

  6. :D

  7. Guys, Make sure to check out my buddy ClashWars on YouTube! This man works his damn ass off all the time making videos and tries his hardest for every video. Give him some love on his channel :D

  8. Hey Ash! Thanks a bunch for featuring me in this video! I'm always happy to help out with some footage. Also, absolutely loved the new intro! Keep it up man!

  9. Great new intro!

  10. What a sick intro! I really liked it :3

  11. Damn that intro man!!! you're stepping up your game!

  12. facebook ash ?

  13. Nice thanks!
    Btw 1st

  14. nice intro

  15. whoever goes by Goliath should kill go to the highest building they can find and jump off.

  16. This is awesome! Thanks for the constant uploads man. Really helpin me get better