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Clash of Clans – TH9 Titans Push – Episode 1: GoWiGi?!

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  1. Bash the giant golem strategy is awesome I just boasted my personal best for trophies with it I get a high 2 star or 3 star every raid

  2. Put more coc n do like a live war raid etc n just record sick 2 or 3 stars from your war at the moment .

  3. Loved your stream today . Came here from stream. Subbed !!!

  4. Yeah bash you need to do a comment question of the day and as always


  6. nice vid

  7. Great quality brotha!!

  8. Good job m8

  9. hey bash, love your video's and streams, keep up the good work!

  10. good job on your videos! keep up the good work! pssst… it's me xjelcjr… when are u gonna be streaming?

  11. Work work work work work work teach me how to work work work work work work work