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Clash of Clans: TH9 Trophy Push to Titans Episode 5 – Breaking Records

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  1. i love this types of videos keep the good work klaus

  2. Love the long videos

  3. Thanks for another awesome TH9 video. keep them coming ?

  4. Hey Klaus! I'm trying to trophy push at th8 though i do not have Golems nor Pekkas available yet. Do you think i could get into Champions by only attacking with Giants and Wizards? Most of the th8 trophy pushers i see use GoWiPe so i think things will get more difficult once i start getting in the higher leagues. Also, do you find any th8 on Masters II? At Crystal I i find it difficult to find any th8 with decent amount of trophies(>15).

  5. Hii… klaus…nice…You are awesome…

  6. How about that last attack! #clutch Very exciting. Don't know what's wrong with a longer video…I love 'em! Thank you Klaus!!

  7. I subscribed a LONG time ago

  8. cqotd: how far do you think you'll make it up, and will you ever change your strategy?

  9. always love to see klaus get hyped over a 3 star attack .lol …great vid buddy?

  10. Do you recruit in Norsk global or English global for you're clan?

  11. Klaus will you move the video over to the left and move "Klaus" above "Gaming"? I think it would look better

  12. Klaus gaming , I wonder if you could check out a clan that I have found , I think no one in Clash history has seen applicants clan it is a bit strange for the 1407 trophis and the name of the clan is HEROBLOPP

  13. Does your base works Klaus? :D

  14. Could u do a th8 hybrid base

  15. Dont apoligise bro ik i spelt that wrong but anyways we love ur videos dont stop please :D

  16. great attacks buddy!!

  17. What do you mean you apolagise for the long videos?? We love them Klaus!

  18. cqotd: what made you to make a youtube channel and play clash of clans and what you think of the new update

  19. would you accepted maxed th8 to your clan

  20. Subbed.

  21. please give me a chance i won't dissapoint i tried to contact you through twitter as well!!

  22. love your videos buddy you are great guy who uploads great content and i would love to join your clan!!