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Clash of Clans: TH9 Trophy Push to Titans Episode 7 – Champion League

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  1. Nice channel man

  2. since you're only 2 starring golems valks pekkas and wizards with wbs are more 2 star efficent

  3. Hey I'm trying to push too what's the cheapest way to push?

  4. rage and hogs? try a jump and 3 heals

  5. 0 dislikes nice

  6. I would advise using a jump spell to help get your troops into the core, also perhaps deploy hogs more tactically on side where valks/golem are tanking defences 2-4 per defence.

  7. Klaus buddy u should end ur trophy push it sucks in champions theres only th10s i been there drop to crystal its insane for farming great vid btw

  8. Nice vid, I would recommend getting rid of a rage and using a heal spell instead because as you could see in that one raid it could have saved some hogs (not that you really needed it). Good job though on those raids! You make me want to push!

  9. if you have your king you probably can 2 stars bubbletea.(The one that you didn't 2 stars

  10. I'm a th9

  11. Can u teach me help me

  12. Klaus you should drop to crystal league or Gold league, you will max your base faster, pushing is cool in all, but you need a stronger base aka xbows.

  13. Klaus use gowipe to push with it may seem nooby but it is very effective you can 2 star any th 9 base without a hero and with the loot bonus you can make alot of de profit. Searching for a base will take much longer around champs 1 and 2 but it will pay off as the loot bonus helps out so much. I made th 9 titans myself.

  14. #freebostonteaparty

  15. What do you think about CoC introducing new statues for reaching certain levels (kind of like how they have the PEKKA statue for lvl 75). But now they would have them for like every 50 levels starting at 100 or 125?

  16. 240 quality?

  17. 1st maybe?