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Clash of Clans: TH9 Trophy Push to Titans Episode 8 – Champion League 2.5

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  1. OMG KLAUS 😉 Yay your going to titans 😉 Lol klaus if you look up a clan called Non Stop Nine then u will find aload of th9 legends 😉 go for legends klaus lol ;)

  2. Thanks for helping me I love your videos

  3. Im a th7 pushing to masters league and beyond and i hope you reach your goal!

  4. Klaus your doing a great job man you deserve a lot ov support keep it up

  5. love your videos


  7. look 350 likes so fast! :O Looks like another video! Lol ;)

  8. Hey Klaus, do younwanna maybe do a collab where we attack each others bases? Im also a Th9 Pushing in Titans

  9. Gotta love Klaus's math #KalusMath

  10. Klaus plz notice me!! lol

  11. who knows a good league and a good giantfarm strat for a th9?

  12. So you're still using queen walk after the last update? I'm scared to use it anymore.. Is it still a strong possibility to attack?

  13. vary nice video and i wish if you git mor video ?

  14. Love this just keep going

  15. hi klause :)

  16. My push record is 4414 with th9. Im in menaceToSociety my name is fischstäbchen

  17. I really don't mind you showing replays, I prefer it even because you show more interesting attacks

  18. he looks like pat+nickatnyte maybe pat and nick had a kid and this is him :O or just he looks like them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. You will have to attack infernos if you wanna make it to titans!

  20. So sorry for the audio being out of sync, youtube has been wrecking my videos lately!

  21. I need a BIG, IMPORTANT advice: I have almost max th8 (walls to max only) and should i trophy push as a th8 or wait for maxed/semi-maxed th9 to trophy push??

  22. #KlausMath lol keep it up man And best of luck on your TP!?

  23. hey, im a 8.5 and just hit titans, want me to come visit?

  24. You are very under rated you deserve a lot more subs

  25. I can't find your other videos cause i wanna push to Titans to and cause the highest I have gotten as th9 is masters

  26. YEEEEES!!! Thanks Klaus!

  27. Nice vid any tips for farming

  28. YESS!! In early again

  29. Nice vid klaus

  30. Hi Klaus have you ever thought of quiting coc? I felt like it was taking over my life so I quit lol