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Clash of Clans | TH9 Trophy Troll Base | Epic Town Hall 9 Deadzone Anti 2 Star Base + Replays [2016]

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  1. Dirt French elect hqdqqs maintain he area´╗┐

  2. Boyfriend unlike development belong shelf charge.´╗┐

  3. Jaso this base is <3´╗┐

  4. Please do tell her 7 dark elixir base please´╗┐

  5. Perfect´╗┐

  6. surelly work against player on this trophy level, just lookin for good loot, always attack from DE side.. but what about higher players that will easily 3* you…?´╗┐

  7. Th7 anti 3 Star base´╗┐

  8. with 4 pekka i get 3 stars´╗┐

  9. made a th 8 base jaso´╗┐

  10. jacks style of this base has been failing me lately. Will try this out ?´╗┐

  11. LOVE THE BASE DESIGN!!! Is it possible to make it a war base? Like switch a few things around?´╗┐

  12. looks good im not a th9 but I will use some of these design's ;)´╗┐

  13. #thophybase´╗┐

  14. th8.5 Pls´╗┐

  15. i want to see in the next video an th8.75/9 farm base that works well please´╗┐

  16. Hey try my base design I mad it myself clan is Mighty Mastodon my name is DoubleJointedYT feel free to use it in a vid if u run out of ideas, also u could do a weekly thing where you review fans bases in the comments just put the clan tag and there name u can review it.. Just an idea. Keep up the great work ­čÖé <3´╗┐

  17. do a th 8 trophy base next.´╗┐

  18. Noice! 10/10 :)´╗┐

  19. hello jaso how are you…..´╗┐

  20. in your next vidio pls base th7 anti 3 stars and farmin recurses´╗┐

  21. like 94´╗┐

  22. love you´╗┐

  23. TH8 Hybrid base pleaseeeeeee!!´╗┐

  24. let see a town hall 4 war base´╗┐

  25. Hey, Its been a while since i commented. Awesome base dude!´╗┐