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Clash of Clans TH9 War Base [ ANTI 3 STAR ] – Clash of Clans

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  1. i have a awesome th9 war Base. i saw a sick th11 base and I knew: I want to have it. so I started working and made my th 9 version. it's working awesome and I never got 3 stared. even a th 10 fully maxed failed with 95%.

  2. this base is better than last onr

  3. could u pls do a th 9 war base just without xbows? would be much appreciated :)

  4. Nice base man!

  5. this base works?

  6. It would be nice if you made replays yourself again. it's more fun to watch and it's also a longer video. and you are th 9 yourself. please just consider to do this again. furthermore a VERY nice Base, good job.

  7. That base is intricate af good man!

  8. Good

  9. I can use this base in our current war so u can visit us in two days to record replays ^^

  10. Nice base bro!

  11. 1st

  12. nice base

  13. первый комент ;)