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Clash of Clans – TH9 War Base ANTI 3 STAR with REPLAYS

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  1. I love your th8 bases pls make more of them :D

  2. good base

  3. You just show the worst attacks and from one side and any good attack with govaho or gohog can defeat it ??

  4. Look mom! I'm on Youtube ! Nice base Charles ;D

  5. Its a nice base by TheJ but a golaloon from 9 o clock and the base its done

  6. man, lemme tell u a thing…the base in general is pretty nice, nothing to say, but, speaking as a main AQWalk GoVaHo player, this base looks weak to me: i could queen walk the east side to eliminate the DGB and push from the left with a jump on the x bow to kill queen and eliminate the second DGB, then delete the base with a few Back-end hogs. lemme know ur thoughts.
    anyway i'm still using ur hybrid base :D

  7. th8 trophy/war pls :)

  8. make th 10 war base..

  9. dammit!

  10. first hahah