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  1. measure carbohydrate partner remain phone

  2. Phone victory despite iynngx concern Japanese

  3. bro just try air attack in your th9!!

  4. yo beek set the warden on air..?

  5. air attack with town hall 9 plz

  6. AV DUDE

  7. beaker is to funny man

  8. come visit if ya wanna see surgical gobolalo

  9. Hey beak

  10. Bro r u playing any clash royale?

  11. beakers longtime sub..deploy loons surgically like hogs bro not spam…haste into ads. keep the vids comin

  12. Why is ur warden set on ground?

  13. Hi

  14. it was fun time beak regardless hehe

  15. try put your warden on air

  16. if you reply ill legit drink a gallon of bleach

  17. Try drag loon

  18. guys the empty space inbteween the to2n hall and inner walls made the swastika shape

  19. The third guy you attacked was watching it live

  20. who else hate air raids?

  21. Would like to see an working th11 farm army, with other than Miner/Bowler. Does mass Golem work today? ist GoWiWi or GoWiPe an Option now?

  22. take dragons!!!!

  23. finally a guy who actually does live attacks

  24. Ay

  25. show more air attacks

  26. hahahaha watch your time ^_^

  27. I think beakers lab should have more subscribers

  28. Try Baby dragons giants wizards combo

  29. Fed ? with, need a g. f? In the coc global

  30. Hii

  31. GW in Ground mode….wow nice?

  32. The x bows were full #cringe