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  1. Sometime in the next few episodes he's gonna be gemming his Queen to level 30.

    Mark my words

  2. dont kill urself

  3. lol

  4. that ws cool

  5. I once attacked a th11 and I'm th 8 with maxed every thing I won by 100%

  6. ohhhh

  7. Hate comment is hate

  8. Coleson is the most badass and awesome person on earth. #BowtoCole

  9. I'm looking at u base now switch the eagle artillery and the cc and u will be unbeatable

  10. can I join your clan I just need my walls and I'm maxed

  11. #CQOTD: Cole R u ever going to make some freaking clash royale crap vids?

  12. omg please talk like a normal person

  13. k

  14. Hi coleson pls invite me im a huge fun of yours

  15. CQQTD: when are you upgrade your heroes to 40 level

  16. Hey coleson I can't find ur clan can u say something in the global chat so I can join or bookmark ur clan

  17. voice acting of yours is beast! :)

  18. The song you were singing before you raided Is called Make It Faster Do It Stronger By daftPunk

  19. H

  20. any would u ever start playing clash royale? or nah

  21. Cole*

  22. UR intros used to be good but now there cheap

  23. Was cold humming work by Rihanna in like the intro

  24. Can i join your clan plz

  25. Generate ​​​​​​​​​free ​​​​​​gems ​​​​​​here

  26. Play clash royale

  27. you should be the hall of funny coleson