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  1. atta love u and Chris's u two should do more collabs

  2. You didn't accept me when I requested when I try end to join your clan

  3. wow even blindfolded u still attack better than Chris and jeff

  4. This was so funny, keep up the good work man!

  5. anytime

  6. Can I join, I have 700 odd war stars..

  7. To join your clan is the 250 war stars necessary cause i only have 223 since I stopped doing wars

  8. sup atta I was wondering what do u use to record clash plz tell me and keep up the good work

  9. Why are you not putting up videos that much

  10. can i join im th8 with pekka

  11. lol

  12. Hey it's lucky pickle nice video!

  13. Throw Back To When Cam Did This

  14. Nice attack Atta, you did better than Chris on most attacks

  15. Hey Atta I'm oh most max th8 can I join your clan

  16. Nice vid bro? really hope I can get in your clan ):

  17. you are one of my favorite YouTubers

  18. Yo attack I meet the requirements for a th7 and I'm almost max and I was wondering if I could join I already sent a request will you please accept it my name is wifi x smasher2

  19. Hello! Wassup Atta funny vid lol

  20. stay cool bro

  21. nice vid Atta? love your videos

  22. hello!

  23. hello!

  24. CQOTD: Can you and chris have a clan war against each other?

  25. Th8

  26. was the thing that you put on your head was it underwear

  27. Nice vid keep it up?