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Clash of Clans | THE CAM ATTACK!! | Bizarre Attacks #4

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  1. do a d.e.r.p attack dragon.earthquake.rage.pekk.

  2. The "glad" attack

    Lava hound

  3. I'd like to join your clan please?

  4. animals by maroon 5 amazing guitar playing jeff^_^

  5. Idiot don't take cams account u suck

  6. DO THE TANK ATTACK(all tanking troops) AND/OR THE MAGIC ATTACK( Magical troops like the Wizards)!!!!!!!

  7. Pokémon go attack! it depends on if the Pokémon looks like the troop!!

  8. Cam even said van bro was jeffs coc account

  9. can you at least finish the minecraft story mode plz i want to see the end of it

  10. U need a new profile picture…

  11. I've seen u opening the clan please accept me ?

  12. Beard troops (barbarians, hog riders and wizards)

  13. The bugar attack all gablins

  14. Get rich quick

    goblins and minions

  15. ur awsome with the guitar bro tell cam im his and yours biggest fan

  16. I like the outtro

  17. Make a video on attacking with half bowlers and miners. That would be fun!:) Love ur video keep it up

  18. Do the vanbro attack with valkreys archers barbarians

  19. Love the content! Keep it coming!!! ??

  20. Use Only Dark elixir troops and lightning spells!

  21. cams brother susks at gaming

  22. Play a guitar song (Cam sucks at attacking) next video!!! Also do a WWE attack with witches, wizards and earthquakes

  23. You're Cam's bro?

  24. can u lower down the trophies im a th8 with max heroes but im farming rightnow

  25. MLG attack. Miners or minions, lava hounds and golems

  26. to Jeff trying to join but no-one seems that be online

  27. do league of legends i think u will like it

  28. Amazing song!

  29. MINER BARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!