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Clash Of Clans | The Clan Is Coming Together | A New Search

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  1. clash with atakski ?

  2. Thanks for doing Coc videos

  3. 1v1 im your biggest fan this would make my year if u did

  4. hey may i join ur clan I'm th9

  5. clash with atta :)

  6. I love clash do more clash videos

  7. why did you kick me from your feeder clan?

  8. #Maizietherejector

  9. cool Th 8 attacks i hope i can join your clan as soon as it opens btw th 9 user here soon to max out

  10. Nice Video !! Thats Awesome!! I Post Clash Royale If U R Interested

  11. hey atta can you please accept me in your clan (main one)

  12. It's weird watching your attack being played on YouTube lol

  13. atta can I join its yes or no th7 not rushed is the second clan open??

  14. Who is this Megan that text u in the middle of your vid? Do we need to know about her? ?

  15. i didnt know you play clash of clans. can i join your clan? im a townhall 8 trynna max out

  16. Hi

  17. #AttaArmy Killer Namit

  18. you're my hero m8

  19. lol your such a noob haha

  20. I got kicked from ur clan by maizie

  21. i love how you say barracks

  22. Can I join your Clan? I'm a max Th8

  23. Yayyy im early let me think of your mom….

    Jk teehee

  24. Hey!!!!!! plz reply ?

  25. Ok I just watched the vid now I know lol

  26. Do a clan war The Atta Army vs BarbariaNParty Cam sucks at attacking so you wont get 3 starred ?

  27. Why is your clan and your feeder clan both closed when there not even full?

  28. Sick bro your clan will get better

  29. Love your videos

  30. Nooo

  31. 1st like

  32. BEAST

  33. First

  34. 1st