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Clash of Clans – ‘The END’ Episode and Farming Town Hall 9s!

  1. Happy New Year Galadon. Can you do a TH10 farming episode to help out us 9.5's who are struggling with TH10 farming?

  2. there are planty dead bases down at silver lol

  3. Th Snipes are still there and better than before (More loot in the TH) but I hate it that we have no way to defend our loot… and the available loot is bugging, last time I had 4M elixir, 1.6M gold, 350k gold for the attacker, 300k elixir, thats just shitty!

  4. Lost the respect towards you after watching this vid.
    Why you keep supporting supercel?
    Just try entering a few mid level clans asking them how is farming after the update… They'll tell you the truth…
    Or conduct a poll…

    Supercel is removing all the deadbases… This is sad… We've paid a lot of time in this game and now they're just ignoring us …


  6. R.I.P COC

  7. stayed up till new years woke up at 10:30

  8. farming without dead bases is what makes the game not fun by not showing replays of what we find to make our friends play, so basically the game is broken now in my opinion

  9. bro galadon plz stay at your opinion i dont get you previously when update came out you told it is awesome and some weeks later you told farming is dead and update sucks and started complaining about it and now…. you are telling that who needs dead bases and forget about the update ….REALLY?

  10. I still love Clash, but the update really hit hard hit hard. I became a TH9 3 days after the update and being a baby th9 is not so fun. I didn't want to do xbows early but was forced to. It's almost tough to battle higher th9s in farming or defense.

  11. what happened to



  12. I'm a townhall 8 and I've been doing good when it comes to farming I don't even attack that much, but war and by collectors and mines and drills are enough to cause my builders to always be working

  13. Ksja

  14. i say that farming is now GREAT i use BAM for farming storages and its amazing with 200-300k each successful raid

  15. ???????

  16. OK this'd is my opinion I'm a th9 is it harder yes but if you are a true Clasher you have to adapt most of you guys are complaining because you are afraid of CHANGE just adapt make better stronger troops there is inactive bases still I just got one this morning You have to adapt if you don't you will die out of playing the game

  17. My Defense Log
    22 December

    Your Village is being raided by behnam -> -1285 DE [24%] No shield
    Your Village is being raided by ,oasha -> -580 DE [28%] No shield
    Your Village is being raided by EiEi -> -436 DE [48%] Shield

    New base desing

    23 December

    Your Village is being raided by Will -> -1845 DE [53%] Shield
    After 12h Shield
    Your Village is being raided by Clash of Matic -> -2137 DE [45%] Shield

    24 December

    Your Village is being raided by [Chinese name] -> -1234 DE [65%] Shield

    25 December

    New base desing

    Your Village is being raided by Hullako -> -1564 DE [48%] Shield

    26 December

    Your Village is being raided by Kavanolli -> -1720 DE [31%] No Shield (because only ~1/4 Troop raid)
    Your Village is being raided by SALAM99NY -> -2558 DE [83%] Shield

    27 December

    New base desing

    28 December


    29 December

    Your Village is being raided by yangyu island -> -1307 DE [42%] Shield

    30 December

    Your Village is being raided by [Chinese name] -> -2055 DE [73%] Shield

    New base desing

    31 December

    Your Village is being raided by Sam -> -2588 DE [90%] Shield

    New base desing

    1 January

    Your Village is being raided by Sabo -> -2500 DE [44%]
    This is the reason why I hate this update… and can't farm it back because they remove all god loot base… Thanks SuperCell D':

    Note: I am a nearly max Th 9 except walls (2/3 lv 9 1/3 lv 8) and some traps

  18. I spend 500k of gold to find loots lately and i got them back about 200k…. it's just happened and now i'm getting bored about this game. Just like the other game, i will delete it soon when it's no longer interesting and fun…. 🙂 oh and i will set my resources easy to farm for the other player

  19. farming for th9 is great now. there's a little secret barely anybody knows and the ones that do are not complaining at all. farming has changed for the better.

  20. There is a reason everyone is still complaining about this update, it was mostly bad! if it would have been good well then there wouldn't have been this much complaining.
    I out of 20 friends of mine that play clash of clans everyone I've talked to does not like this update! yes its not going away but you're not going to get me to like it!