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Clash of Clans – THE FUTURE OF CLASH OF CLANS! What’s Next for the Game and is it Dying? Clash Rant

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  1. Your "what the fucks" are my life. The way you say them.´╗┐

  2. Can u post black ops 3 on your YouTube channel´╗┐


  4. Can't you get banned for farming now?´╗┐

  5. this is the worst update no patches, no loot, wth part time players were not thought of.´╗┐

  6. Great video! You are totally correct and I have been losing 400,000 each resource.´╗┐

  7. I am maxed TH9 except walls and my king/queen are close. I hate that the update didn't change much for me. the new hero should be at TH10. TH 9 takes too damn long. 30lvls for queen that's about 200 days of upgrading and mine is lvl 21. this shits rediculous.´╗┐

  8. As a TH9 I was forced to start my upgrade to TH10 early, before I got my walls maxed. This is because I spend a good 10-15 minutes (thousands of gold in Next) just to find a base that has a max of 250k/250k/2k. Dead bases are non-existent. I've seen one semi-dead base that got me 400k/400k/5k but that was one time, and usually I barely break even having to consistently use gowipe to get the trophy bonus.´╗┐

  9. why you dont ans my any question damet ill ffuucckk your mom… your mothers boods eyam eyam´╗┐

  10. Come check out our new and upcoming tutorials channel. Short and concise Clash tutorials to support your clanning success. Check us out!´╗┐

  11. I am at th8 and I am farming at bronze cuz there are a lot of dead bases there.´╗┐

  12. If farming is what your looking for…..go play hay day ( ═í┬░ ═ť╩ľ ═í┬░ )´╗┐

  13. I am not happy with this update the top game from 2013 made mistake like this #RIP_SUPERCELL´╗┐

  14. im at about 2k trophies just chilling with barch going for inactive bases. And since u only lose 3 hrs of ur shield once I see troops are ready I just attack. Easy 1-2 mil gold and ellixir´╗┐

  15. they*´╗┐

  16. tey fucked up the game tbh th's 8 and down can't really farm no more sense theres like lvl 80's and up players in silver and down league trophie pushing is dead for me i don't try it no more´╗┐

  17. I am a th7 and actually the loot is better than ever for me. i just got th7 and have been farming and have had like 8 raids in a row with around 400k loot. And i am in gold 3´╗┐

  18. They really need to bring back more dead bases.´╗┐

  19. switch to vainglory´╗┐

  20. This update completely screwed me over. I'm Th6 and just made it to silver league 1 before the update.after after the update i've been hit hard in raids and being raided myself. i used to get 100K raids now i can only get 50K!!!! i fucking hate this update. it taking me even longer to upgrade since supercell fucked up the raiding!!!!´╗┐

  21. Play knights and dragons´╗┐

  22. If they kept th sniping this update would be good for lower players´╗┐

  23. Here is my invite code to CashForApps

  24. bro your so right mine is townhall. is 8 and I did not get anything from this update and people say it's the best one yet. not fuck that is the worst bc lower player did not get shit like put FARMING BACK IN THE GAME´╗┐

  25. I use 4 quake spells ,1 poison, 1 rage ,1 heal , 19 giants ,4 hogs ,4 healers and 13 wizs -this troop combo has given 98.9% success rate and I'm in champions now ­čÖé btw my farming is better than ever´╗┐

  26. Thanks for supporting the lower level town halls <3´╗┐

  27. I 100% agree with everything he just said´╗┐


  29. I agree they are messing the game up´╗┐

  30. wite I'm trying to push up to masters and currently I'm at 2550 trophies I'm a max th8 and when I find bases all I mainly see is th9s with freakin 20-30 trophy offers then I see a th8 that's maxed and they are freakin 7-17 trophy offers. And then a th9 2 or 3 stars me and then I lose like 20 trophies I'm like wtf. And for me I think the trophy offers are like trash for me, I rarely find a big trophy offer in crystal 1.´╗┐

  31. +NA NA I'm not a moron my friends dad has 2 TH9s he farms with barch with wizards and giants. he gets 500-800 thousand goldelixir and like 4000 DE. so don't talk shit until you ask questions´╗┐

  32. +Jackson Paul by maxed out I mean after 13 level Archer tower and cannons´╗┐

  33. I do believe Pat and Galabore's rants were staged … or are we ment to believe that SC only listen to those two … I've unsubscribed from Galabore cause he is to much of a SC fanboy . He had said before that he couldn't (more like wouldn't) say anything to SC , but then all of a sudden they both come out with a bit of a rant about it !!! At least Pat said early on that loot seamed harder to get … I for one will not download anything from SC till they have fixed clash …´╗┐

  34. Awesome dude! appreciate your damn courage. Thanks for saying out the things exactly the way we wanted to say. If they didn't fix this shitty update, they are the most idiot developers ever. Cause I'm also really closer to leave this game which I loved and addicted the most! thumbs up!´╗┐

  35. Game of war sucks.I really hate it´╗┐

  36. Play Jurassic world the game or clash royale.Please not some stupid games with guns and stuff´╗┐

  37. You should not talk about the money of supercell because supercell also have to pay their staff you said 2m$ if it is then also it nothing for supercell.
    Supercell staff is only 24 hours for even if you have contact them in how much time they answers you i thing in 10 hours or less maybe now you should think they are answering everyone single min and then also they cant answer you directly because they have too much players to be answer so bro don't talk about their money again.what do you think they should make gems buy for free is it ok or gems buy dollars.( any stupid male or female should not answer me ) thanks´╗┐

  38. im TH8 and i csnt find any loot i dropped counldnt find anything and went up and i cant find anything´╗┐

  39. I would say your the second best at ranting FSU_ATL is better every video he rants but you still rant pretty much.´╗┐

  40. for fuck sake please remove that loot percentage shit… its annoyingggg!!!´╗┐

  41. Bro I love yo videos´╗┐