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Clash Of Clans | THE GOLEM TRAP WORKS!! | Level 10 Clan War Fail!

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  1. Yassss show us

  2. Yes

  3. yes make that video

  4. almost 250k tony and i cant wait im really happy for you congratulations bud <3

  5. me!!

  6. Do it

  7. me!

  8. did they attack u in war or they give up and didn't tray to 2 star u we need funny spider tony hhhh

  9. ILL like to see that

  10. Nice into bud!?


  12. ur clan is stupid

  13. Yes how to clash

  14. do a pare of new beats

  15. yea plz do a coc video plz it would really help if u could show tactics on how to get trophies fast. thx. (BTW u r the best you tuber ever!!!!!!!!)

  16. baby tony plz

  17. ya buddy

  18. واصل بدون فواصل

  19. i ment to say i want to progress and make videos based on the games i listed

  20. yes for the clash yt

  21. Getting close to 250k! 😀

    A thumbs up to you my friend! ;D

  22. yes me baby l love u lol

  23. plz I think that would be great

  24. What if I'm a th9 with only 230 something war stars :0

  25. Yes

  26. yes love too se tips and trIcks

  27. Yes

  28. clash youtube

  29. i liked the new intro