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Clash Of Clans | “THE GRAND WARDEN vs THE BARBARIAN KING!” | Shocking Winner!?! Epic Hero vs Hero!

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  1. Who would u want in ur clan misticl7 sry I didn't know how to spell it and cam aka clash of clans with cam or galidon and clash of comedy

  2. Do you like pink sheep?

  3. King

  4. yes


  6. Dude your dumb ok let me explain grand warden has range so he can kill from a distance and king dies because he gets close and the bitchs of the inferno towers f up the king

  7. can i have 100 Dollars

  8. i mean grand warden

  9. i though i ment King vs grand in atack, like a King enemy and youre King warden

  10. Can you do a face reveal

  11. You awsome

  12. Do you like McDonalds or Wendy's

  13. Not really a fair deal here. The king is more aggressive by character so it's going to be in the middle of the action more and die quicker.

  14. when you said, shocking winner, it ruined the whole video

  15. I think you need to calm down a little…

  16. Tony, U W0t M9

  17. can you gıve me gems jks ıf you could lıve enywere ın the world were would ıt be

  18. you can't just say he is better he does a completely different thing inside a raid, the king is a tank and goes in with your golems and giants, where as the grand warden avoids getting hit by staying way back as support

  19. KING!!!

  20. I am always online and donate as much as i can