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Clash Of Clans – THE IMMORTAL WHITE WIZARD!!! (Troll bros clan war!!)

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  1. 2:10

  2. Is the Barbarian King the best man?

  3. Healers and heal spells are too overpowered when mixed together

  4. happy birthday godson yeaaaaaaah man u made my day

  5. Happy birthday

  6. You are so funny

  7. try g.a.w.b.b giant,archer,wallbreaker,barbarians, and balloons. by the way im subscribed

  8. goblens go for the town hall

  9. goblens go for the town hall

  10. birthday*

  11. happy brighday!!!

  12. Happyyyyyyy Birday my friend????

  13. King & Queen = Husband & Wife
    Isn't that obvious?

  14. happy bday godson..wish u all the best..✴✴✴✴✴✴✴

  15. Your one of those guys that think your funny but your not

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  17. happy birthday man P's what clan u in??????

  18. happy b-day godsonnnn!!

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  21. 1:16 ?#cr7

  22. Gandalf

  23. i dont know why i like your voice ??!! by the way happy birthday big boy!

  24. you are one heck of a type man. yeeeeeaaa! so like me man. Mrs Godson.

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  27. Happy bday godson :)

  28. In coc

  29. Warden is Queens dad, thats why they have the same style of attack.

  30. I prefer Bangbros

  31. Happy B-day. But how are the spouses? Queens marry Kings not Wardens.

  32. 5:15 he got wbs so it could be too holy!!??? lmao

  33. Hahahaha! Husbund and Wife! lol XD
    Barbarian King: Aaagh! Grand Warden don't steal my Archer Queen!
    She's mine! XO

  34. +Godson – Clash of Clans give me a YEAAEAEAEA

  35. Happy birthday

    If archer queen and warden are husband and wife how about the king

  36. white wizard thats racist

  37. I am J-Gamer#1 :p

  38. It's my birthday tommorow close lol

  39. Archer Queen and The Grand Warden are probably husband and wife because they both have purple/pink hair and they are both ranged attackers

  40. WTF?!?! Brutus=romanian clan :D

  41. godson how old are you now?

  42. happy birthday! !!!!!!