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Clash of Clans – The INVINCIBLE Town Hall!

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  1. New war clan in COC looking for new members! Join Voltage, let's grow strong together! Clan tag: #99CL9LLL

  2. Can u use all spell deck

  3. I didnt have a 1 HP TownHall troll get me but a 3 HP King's Tower in Royale :/

  4. Sorry for the spam but, I've been having some troubles recruiting on COC so I thought I would try advertising my clan on here. The clan is called Gems & Apples I just started it a couple days ago, it's Lvl one and the clan tag is: #QOGVPQU2

  5. 8 hp th

  6. Clash with cam destroyed a th 11 with a wall breaker Cheka it out

  7. plz do dungeon boss video

  8. hey

  9. i have never destroyed a town hall before

  10. I had a 9hp town hall my barbking was on it and than all the defenses locked on to him and killed him.

  11. This guy needs to learn how to attack

  12. Join my clan type in #LRPQR9G

  13. Can this comment stay on a odd amount of likes?

  14. I've had a 2 HP town hall

  15. I've had a 3 HP town hall i was piiiiiissed


  17. Did anyone notice Eagle AlT hit Queen and damage her even with Queen's special ability. This happens to me also. Is supercell knows about this bug.

  18. My lowest was a clanmate with 15

  19. Pat, why did u switch from the hog to the prince?

  20. I saw thet on mysticl chenl

  21. hey cheif pat can I joivur clash royal alliance I have 1000 trophies lvl 6 name is DreamLord

  22. Once I got in clan wars 2hp!

  23. To bad he didn't have any wall breakers.

    (Watch cam's video)

  24. I have got a 3 hp town hall before

  25. 1000th like

  26. About time you play coc again ….

  27. Bro can u make a feeder clan on clash Royal please

  28. since when did he changed his channel name?

  29. I once attacked and there was 1 hp on the town hall but at least I got 50%

  30. ⚡Eai glr se inscrevam no meu canal??
    ⚡Se puderem se inscrever agradeço tmj

  31. Pat can you join my clan "raxar"??

  32. Doesn't invincible mean you can't get hurt at all?

  33. I had a 1 hp town hall on one of my raids

  34. Isn't the first base that white lighting attacked lol