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  1. im selling a coc acc th9 maxed lv 100+ with 1000+ gems info skype lightblade16

  2. get your xbows man! seriously! you are taking th8.5 WAY too far. The point is to match with th8's and low level th9's in war until you can comfortably 3 star a mid th9. The, YOU GET YOUR XBOWS, NEW ARCHER TOWER, AND WIZARD TOWER!
    ps. love ur vids, even tho I made a complaint comment

  3. Groovy lmao but good idea beak

  4. No one in my clan has miners yet :(


  6. beak im a town hall 9 what would u suggest instead of miners in the clan castle

  7. Umm, how can I try it out with no one in my clan having that?

  8. Hi beaker

  9. what to upgrade pekka for lvl 3 or giant for lvl 6

  10. cool that you make coc and not cr

  11. What happend with you and Ruthless 50?

  12. beaker can u post your base layout I'm trophy pushing to champions :)

  13. I find lots of loot on town hall nines but I'm a town hall 8 and struggle to get it


  15. I'd like to try the miner.. But the town hall 10 we have in our clan is inactive… All ths bellow are active just my luck

  16. Beaker your vids are the best and I like the fact that you dont constantly swear :D

  17. Beak you should change ur Intro not too Clash of clans tutorial.. Maybe Coc Gameplay? Because U just do the gameplay And you Didnt even Teaching Us any

  18. Hey beaker love these videos keep them coming??

  19. beak your th9 videos r best but plizzz also do some clan wars live attack from your th9 account
    waiting to see clan war

  20. hey beak which iPad do you use please tell

  21. Why dont you upgrade archer towers???

  22. Hi buddies

  23. Good

  24. hi there beak, nice vid ;D

  25. Hey beak :)

  26. Lol, Clash of Clans isn't farm heroes saga… Groovy! Sick bro!

  27. Love waking up to these videos beak, great attacks bro

  28. Hey beaker .!

  29. Why are you not buying X-bows

  30. beaker idk if you do featured videos but I have a replay on my th9 where I got 1.4m loot with like 4k d.e from a th10. if you are interested I viewing the replay my name is Bruce Lee in the clan flying pancakes

  31. Can you do only baby drags? Because that would be so awsome

  32. You have to upgrade your wallbreakers

  33. Ghê vl ?

  34. Beaker lab at 2:31 in ur vid u called the hogs, giants

  35. Beaker What's Your Real Name?

  36. I don't get the joke in the description, I feel like an idiot. Someone help me xD

  37. Hey sir Beak can I join in your clan ?

  38. nice video