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Clash of Clans | The Most Clutch War Attack

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  1. I requested to join atta!! my name is Dark Lord hope i have the requirements

  2. bro trust me you want to max everything out especially those dark elixir troops. great vid btw


  4. Upgrade your golems

  5. wow youve battled against my brothers clan….daaaamn (its a Bangladeshi clan)

  6. can I please join your clan I am Th 10 level 120

  7. same thing happens to me, I'll do great on one attack then horrible on the other.

  8. atta can i join ur clan plz im nearly a naxed th8 and my name on coc is aboy1234

  9. Before going to TH 9

  10. Atta upgrade all your dark troops especially golems and valkyries there op lol

  11. she is a girl

  12. Can I join? I'm max th 7

  13. CQOTD: How many people do you kick out a day? When you were scrolling through the people in war about 50% of the people are no longer in clan

  14. Im a th 7 well almost going to th 8

  15. Atta pleace accept me

  16. DOT.

  17. my name is creamtown

  18. hey atta when you say you will let us join you ban us not let us in comon man

  19. hi atta im new to ur channel i already subbed and ur vids are good :D

  20. I tried joining but it says unavailable try again later :/

  21. hey ATTA can i join your clan one day im th8 lvl 80 with 590 war stars.

  22. one time someone attacked me with all pekkas I had 15 maxed minions in my cc was hilarious rekt all his pekkas lol