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Clash of Clans – The NEW 3 star Strategy (TH10+11)

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  1. Great video Spencer! Keep them Coming! Clash On 23$ dollar destruction style!

  2. Spencer 23valkyries ?

  3. Like the new intro

  4. Hi spencer. can you do video on effect of the new mechanism of inferno tower on witch attack?

  5. Spencer what happened to your old theme song

  6. Do the old healer and valks!!! DOOOO ITTTTT

  7. Daaaymmmmm that thumbnail ???

  8. You are a cool dude.

  9. No heroes on that base. In all honesty, It's not very impressive.

  10. No heroes on that base. In all honesty, It's not very impressive.

  11. I applied for LPS Titan online this morning and I didn't hear anything back. I also requested them in game coc and got nothing. Please help my name is carlos on coc

  12. #spencer23dollors

  13. Punch that iron fist a bit earlier. Barbs protect king from single. Valks looking good!??

  14. The old one was perhaps the best on YouTube, but i dont know why im starting to love the new intro, even if i hated it ahahah

  15. 18th

  16. Spence I am sorry about my comment on previuos video.

  17. You wear Jack and Jones ? i fucking love you dude ❤️??

  18. Nice video, keep up the good work! :)

  19. Valks are awesome now my new favourite troop

  20. Valks look so cool I like the new update but need to keep the old air defence it looks babyish!

  21. Love the tumbnail!

  22. Hi ( sorry for my bad english)

  23. 9th!

  24. 151st! XD but seriously everyone shut the flip up!

  25. 12


  27. 5th

  28. WHOOO

  29. FIRST!!!!

  30. First?

  31. first :D