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Clash Of Clans | THE PERFECT CLAN WAR? | CAN I DO IT? Live Attack!

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  1. what do you think, should a coc player max out all the walls to lvl10 before going to th10. I really want to know.

  2. are you have a girlfriend?

  3. who did u watch when u were a watcher not a YouTube

  4. Who inspired you to do YouTube

  5. haha only 4 D vieuws XD

  6. Was I the only one clicking close on 20% battery around 3:00

  7. can u do a face reveal

  8. if coc didnt exist what game would u play?

  9. Question: Im a townhall 8 with lvl 6 walls and not so good defence how can i get better without paying?

  10. general tony = noob

  11. What's a question

  12. qna: do you watch anime?, what got you into clash,and finally do you have any siblings?

  13. can you open lots of super magical chets

  14. What do you think was the best thing that has ever happened to you?

  15. did u ever smoke weed?

  16. when was your most awkward moment #Q&A

  17. How Big is your Dick!!!??

  18. Plz

  19. Say what you think about what cam said in CoC two weeks ago

  20. Even yur episodes are boring i still like yur vds without watching it lol

  21. This war is very good*

  22. tony what would u do if yt didn't exisct ?

  23. General Tony do u have a girlfriend ???