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Clash Of Clans – THE PERFECT CLAN WAR!?! – Heart Wrenching Live Attack CoC 2016!

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  1. How early am I?

  2. If u wanted to gem freeze spell, why not before attacking? could've got some help atleast. Just saying. ;)

  3. create a clan

  4. Gl tony

  5. general tony open your clan I am th11

  6. hey tony I read that Supercell nerf any troops they will give us new defenses

  7. if anyone has a bad clan you can join the clan im in ?
    its called fighting sharks

  8. does the bowlers rocks do less damage when it bounce away and hits somthing behind the building they targeted because when the bowlers were throwing there rocks at the walls it did didnt look like it did to kuch to the tesla but when they hroke the wall they screwed up the tesla very quickly

  9. tony can i join your clan im a town hall 7.5 i was only asking in the coments because i cant use the website

  10. # good luck tony

  11. Wow, i'm in a clan where we lost a war 6-61 and all 6 stars are mine….
    Anybody got a nice clan?

  12. sir gt can u sport my channel i am ur biggest fan

  13. hi tony

  14. Tony ducks

  15. everyone prays for good attack at war

  16. Anyone else got the add with the princess lol

  17. hey Tony

  18. please accept us aniani

  19. Tony, you could have 3 starred if you spread your golems out and created two funnels

  20. Ok

  21. good luck tony

  22. 538 liker I smashed the like button before I watched it

  23. I'm a th 10 do you have any base layouts for me

  24. u can do this

  25. good luck Tony

  26. so awesome video

  27. hi

  28. Good luck tony… You can 3 star the base⭐⭐⭐