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Clash Of Clans | THE PUSH CONTINUES!! | Push to Titans #2

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  1. Where's your IG account? -Dutch_Clashing

  2. My clan is called XBOX123456789!!

  3. Smiffy pls could you join my clan on clash of clans it would mean a lot and your really good at wars p.s your awesome!

  4. I'm in bronze and I keep losing trophies do you have any tips for a better base?

  5. Hope you succeed to push to Titans! Can you do a th7 base pls? Thanks, your biggest fan from Hungary!

  6. Nice video dude keep up your channel,Your channel can get big in the future… I will follow your channel;) Liked and SUBSCRIBED to your channel aswell… I will be very happy if you do the same and become a bro on my channel, this is my official channel ::