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Clash of Clans – The Quest to #1 or to INSANITY – is it BROKEN?

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  1. I miss galadon th10. Th11 Attacks require almost no skill. U basically just spam with witches. Th10 Attacks are way more skilled and balanced

  2. I found myself nodding throughout the whole video! Over xmas my longest search was 13 hours with no offer. Since the reset I have found 20 bases and am sitting at 5196, and playing for 18 hours a day, looking on leader board some have found over 40 bases, why are some players being offered twice as much! An attacking game where you cannot attack, nice one lol, have sent emails, but just got back blaa blaaa bs not impressed! Regards to apex, I'm hunting him :v

  3. i subsciribed

  4. great video galladon

  5. Farming and Trophy Pushing are bad now! :D

  6. 2:07 Ender Özdemir <3 Best of Turk Player <3

  7. get clash royale in the UK

  8. Galadon u think 1 attack in 10 hrs is bad how about 0 attacks in 12 days and over 1m gold searching for anything to loot

  9. it's because you used to get a 1cup offer evry 1/2 – 2 hours and a 20 cup every session.
    now you get a 6cup offer every day

  10. first farmers,now trophy pushing.
    watch out,war people,you guys are next

  11. i want to try out a new game

  12. lol so sad the legend left his clan

  13. Is clash royals for iPod too?

  14. 16 hours in the clouds? WTF I feel to sorry for you town hall 10's and 11's. I'll just max out at th9 and quit the game if that's the case.

  15. Me waiting for a base:
    "12 YEARS OF IT"

  16. Basically this update is the best update in the world for very very act if players but the WORST FOR THE REST

  17. Galadon, I have heard from Will (legend in coc) He hasn't had a single base offer for 24 hours… He is visiting my clan atm. He is from House of Pain.

  18. i know youre strugle

  19. Seriously, what does the village guard do? It's just an extended shield…

  20. Well i think it got much worse a day or two right before/after the reset. My "PR" is 13 hours straight without offers so consider yourself lucky Gallydon :D

  21. on last attack u have upto million gold loot

  22. Tyty for another video…ty for trying for #1, i appreciate your time…I'm sorry I will not be following your clash Royal , I will not be going to a supercell game again…loyal but sad clasher….

  23. Shields and 4 hour guard are great for defense but they greatly diminish the pool of available bases…