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Clash of Clans | THE TRUTH BEHIND THE BOWLER | What’s the Bowler Hiding?

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  1. Golem+bowlers/boulders =GoBo

  2. CQOTD: What inspired you to make youtube videos?

  3. let me join ur clans plz

  4. Will you continue with your Judgment Day videos? If so my clan is BLITAR SQUAD #9LYRQ2PV

  5. CQOTD: I believe in a cqotd you said you are working on a new intro when will it be done
    (No rush)

  6. CQOTD:are u going to make up a new att strag with the bowlers

  7. Cam did you get the all bowlers attack from me?? If so.. Thank you

  8. CQOTD: Why dont you ever make video's on your MustangBro account anymore?

  9. Cheat with Cam! :P

  10. Knowing Cams luck I bet his bowlers are gonna run into giant bombs

  11. CQOTD:will u try gobowi in ur war attack : )

  12. I feel sorry for the golemite

  13. "Bowler walk" new strat op 100% confirmed

  14. wow I have to end batle right after I use the queens ability and take out the th

  15. CQOTD: Will you ever Do a Fan mail??if so when?

  16. Bowlers suck dude :(

  17. XDD 0:30 The Bowler was fucking the valkyrie

  18. Gobo is quite efficient

  19. Yo Bros! Look at Giga-Hertz Gaming for some more awesome tips on how to win wars and other! :D

  20. Can you plz do town hall 7 attacks plz