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Clash of Clans – THE WALL! Defense That is IMPOSSIBLE to Break!

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  1. CQOTD: Why dont you do like a deck of the week or something along those lines for clash royale videos

  2. Use the warden earlier in the battle, no use using its ability if your troops are already dead

  3. Lol when saw Wall in the thumbNail thought he wad going to talk shit about Fagitass DT


  5. No not clash royal

  6. CQOTD: do u think there should be evolved troops?

  7. Does witelightningHWD have a bigger dick than Clash With Cam? No homo, winkie face, exclamation point.

  8. what's the best app to get free gem because cash for app is not giving me points :,(

  9. Why did that 1st raid end by itself? you still had an EQ

  10. Dont make more clash royale videos

  11. 69 dislikes…. I see what you did there….

  12. ???

  13. hi

  14. 52 stars seems legit

  15. You should double upload clash royale and clash of clans

  16. What's your favourite part of being a clash YouTuber?

  17. CQOTD: Would you rather flippity flop or floppity flip?

  18. CQOTD: how many live streams are you going to put on your channel????

  19. If you sub me, I will sub back. We can all gain hundreds of subscribers if we all sub each-other. Just say done when subbed and I will sub back!

  20. Will u ever stop doing clash of clans and move to clash royale? P.S love ur vids

  21. when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was about Donald trump


  23. ???

  24. plz let me join

  25. Use you earthquake I hate that you don't use it on those full collectors

  26. guys also watch Masterov

  27. What was the gem glitch called again

  28. CQOTD:Will u play bo2 and bo3

  29. sub to me

  30. CQOTD will you ever do your mini account trolling again

  31. is cash4apps legit?

  32. I got mini pekka on clash royale and level 5 archers and im only level 3

  33. Qqotd- If you start doing more clash Royale videos then will you stop doing clash of clans? I personally love clash of clans a lot better than clash Royale

  34. CQOTD: how do u record you screen ive been dying to find a way to do this love ya vids

  35. no one said hi to youtube ill say it high all the time

  36. CQOTD: will you do another channel for clash royale? Or on videos on MYSTLC7?

  37. ???