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  1. Here's a tip don't waste time luring cc. Just take out the cc when u drop ur golem and use the wiz. U can also kill the enemy King. Also time is the essence in gohowi.

  2. Smart usage on luring the cc troops. But u should have place your golem then wiz to back it up then u could have taken the drag out for sure.

  3. Idk why I do this but I seem to end up trying to hit Chat or return home when I'm watching clash of cland

  4. make clash royale videos

  5. Honestly you need some click bate and start being less akward during your video because once you start geting to about 5 or600,000 subs thats where your channel will take off. Like me i saw on the thumbnail and i was like 'idk it kinda looks boring' based off the thumbnail please do those things the thumbnail looks to boring or ask for help from your brother cam


  7. atta I'm rome why did I get kicked I'm getting lvl 3 valks and the last war I did I was going against high bases

  8. Awesome Vid! :)

  9. Atta nice vids i like ur vids and brothers and u got no hater like ur bros XD

  10. Hey Robert, it's A7X10! What's up? How do you record your screen?

  11. i got kicked out from your clan idk why im not rushed

  12. Atta just a small tip for GoHo:

    Use your golem to tank for the wizards while they clear the cc troops AND the outside structures. Then send in you king with wall breakers to break through

  13. i also start cheapest upgrades first XD

  14. Hey atta I'm th9 golems 4 with th9 spells, troops in the making and it'd be pretty cool to join for a war anyway you can check out my base i'm not rushed (Trophy Thieves) Lvl 8 about 20 ish members dont remember thanks 🙂
    My name: Alex
    Leader: Anthony

  15. #attasucksatattacking

  16. Great video, keep up the good work??

  17. #attasucksattacking

  18. Could i join your clan?

  19. nice video Robert

  20. atta nice videos man keep it up

  21. Love you seeing play clash of clans

  22. Atta dragons does splash damage

  23. amazing gameplay

  24. Guys when I clicked it said no likes or no views so I reloaded and it still said no views and no likes so I was the first to watch and first to like so haha

  25. I have been kicked out…

  26. First

  27. First to watch first to like

  28. FIRST

  29. 0 views 10 likes. ?