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Clash of Clans: “THEY GOT 100%’D?” TH11 vs TH11 FACE-OFF!

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  1. join my clan buddies clan tag is #QV2OPL2G

  2. on the first raid, he could've used one jump inbetween where he put the 2 and had the same result. Wasted spell in my opinion

  3. beakers lab hi

  4. Heyy breaker

  5. cool

  6. First raid had no cc but still nj ?

  7. Beaker please never stop playing clash !!

  8. almost 200000 subs beak

  9. beaker I love ur vids dude I never skip 1 and we recruited this th10 with 15/15 heros and he 3 starred like a near max th10 LOL

  10. I kinda feel sorry for tin right there in the last raid with the 97% man that's heartbreaking(beak's words) ??????

  11. Is it really that hard to just say three stared?

  12. could you do a video on the best TH8 base please.

  13. You are againce my clan OMGGGG

  14. OTC ur a amazing utuber I love your commentary n ur all chill n shit about the game instead being like other people humiliating themselves for fame or over reacting over stuff u n mystic are my favorite and cam too but he quit clash sadly but I still love him just wanted you to know that u deserve like 700k:)

  15. Hey beak, in my clan, there's a war going on. Someone attacked a base, and the king went WAAAAY out of his range! Anyone feel free to peek at our clan Irish Knishes, #YC8YL2G. Look at the attack against no 17

  16. i enjoy watching your clash of clans videos man, keep it up

  17. What a trip lmfao

  18. Dude i always join that clan to get troops !!!!!

  19. SWEAR

  20. is this a series now?

  21. I got so annoyed with the first video, beaker stop zooming in so I can see the whole raid.

  22. I want more th9 video Beak!! :D

  23. *dislike

  24. Your videos sucks

  25. Sharp idiot


  27. HII BEAK my clan is also doing farm war it cald orange war in my language its pretty nice if u wanna see u me clan is :he van orange

  28. Hello evrybody

  29. The second attack is on an Orange base lol

  30. Hey Beak its MrMatt from UE! that was a easy war lol!

  31. If you can use one troop to 3 star a base smh

  32. Thanks for posting vids like this. Helps me see how to deploy my valks and how not to deploy them.

  33. Hey dude!

  34. Time to unsuscribe because i got cheated again and again

  35. sorry beaker but your not funny and your video are boring

  36. HI BEAK

  37. You try to be funny to hard