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Clash of Clans: “THEY GOT 100%’d!” TH9 ATTACKS I LIKE

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  1. beaker pleas join my clan its Texas the grate

  2. Hi

  3. beak pleas join my clan its called Texas the grate

  4. I wish I could plan attacks like that lol.

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  6. wow i really thought beaker had a lot more subs than 160k he is such a good youtuber

  7. I love you beak if you see me on clash my names1244 and pls can I join your clan

  8. hi BEAkERS . MY TH != AND NAME is Sir wayne96 please give me gems a lots

  9. That's true

  10. Hi Beaker

  11. You remind me of my religion teacher

  12. nice attacks #

  13. U are awesome bro

  14. hey beak i was just wondering what you use for recording games from your phone? PS keep up the good work!

  15. Anyone else notice that the first raid the guy also didn't have his King??

  16. What do you use to record your device with?

  17. Maybe 16th

  18. Hey Beak!

  19. Hey beak I'll have level 5 wizards in 4 days. Wooohhhhhhh

  20. what your clan called

  21. Yo Beak!!

  22. How does clash of clans have 3 million daily users when there's only 700,000 people in the world?

  23. You about to start cw against us wish u all best u gonna need it LoS! btw love your videos make us famous.

  24. A th8 attacks me (I'm a th7), and I lost THIRTY trophies. Granted, trophies doesn''t matter as much as loot, but how messed up is that?

  25. SuperCell is retarded, Noone on Android can play anymore.

  26. my attack ?

  27. Softbank finally admit they've made a huge mistake with the new shield system, too bad they don't have the balls to just bring back the old shield system

  28. lvl four th r way op

  29. there is now a new update!! you can store loot in your clancastle and if you get 5 stars in 1 day you get loot to!!

  30. 1000th like <3

  31. Nice vid as always Beak!

  32. hi beak!

  33. Make a video about the new update today

  34. beaker join my clan called GOR#1

  35. Hi

  36. What happend to Dark elixir time ?

  37. Today is my birthday! Woo

  38. Sweet video, hi beaker!

  39. Beaker smelly Belly is a youtude chanel!!!!!!its not the Best!!.

  40. beak u there ? have a question

  41. 60 second death match …I have had it

  42. nice beak.. ur great

  43. حلووو

  44. Beaker your cool. Keep Going Bro!!

  45. I like how You say "Hey Buddies"

  46. I love using golaloon and drags with aq walk with/without zap quake., im the only one who use air raids in my clan besides one guy lol proud to be air attacker! Love u r vids beak